Saturday, December 02, 2006

Lady Chatterley's Lover by D. H. Lawrence - Chapter 16

Mrs. Bolton knows, but covers for the stormy absence of the Lady of the Chatterley house.

With the skeptical help of her sister Hilda, Connie clandestinely meets Mellors on her last night near Wragby before leaving for a Venice holiday.

"It's the nicest woman's arse as is," is what Connie remembers as Clifford opines on the nature of spirit vs. guts. "It's the nicest woman's arse as is."

Download / listen to the mp3 file HERE.

Great to be back. Lots of travel & freelance work lately, and a neighbor moves in, moves out, and another neighbor move in and continues construction across the hall. The new neighbor loves loud music. Hmmm.

Experimented with Levelator - free a Windows / Mac 10.4 compression agent. You'll hear the 'breathing' as the program adjusts levels during longer silences. Further experimented recording for the first time on the Dell PC using the similarly free and wonderful cross-platform Audacity, which is why the Levelator test became an option since overall levels changed throughout the recording as the proper audio settings were located. From beginning to end, a net reduction of 10 db in input level. That's a lot. The 'breathing' is less noticable toward the end.

Have begun to transfer all the audio files for this work to Check it out. Free hosting and automated cross-posting for all your multi-media needs.

POST NOTE: Got rid of the Levelated file. The breathing and increased level overall did not match previous chapters. Alas.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,

Love to have you back reading. I just listened to chapter 16 and I'm glad I still have three chapters to go. I have been following your Vlog of a faux journalist, but I'm a real big fan of you reading. I will write an article about you in my blog soon (with a translation in English),



Anonymous said...

Dear Fedde,

Lovely to hear from you.

The last chapter is pretty good. :)

Glad you're liking it.

What shall I read next?

Thanks for thinking of your poor American listeners / readers. We
haven't much sophistication or education here.

Do send me a link when you've written your post. Very cool.