Monday, August 29, 2005

Chapter 10 (Part II) of Lady Chatterley's Lover

Connie is preoccupied with her affair, but does not go to the hut so long as she imagines Mellors waiting for her. Coy, she walks the opposite direction, only to run into Mellors anyway.

HERE is Part II of Chapter 10 of D.H. Lawrence's banned-in-America book "Lady Chatterley's Lover".

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Chapter 10 (Part I) - Lady Chatterley's Lover

Connie is repulsed by Clifford's worship of her, is given a key to the hut, and weeps with ecstasy at the ferocity of the female urge.

Mellors' heart flames and melts as Connie's breaks.

"Kiss me," she says, before "plunging into the dark grey tangible night."

Because Chapter 10 is quite long, it's broken into two hour-long posts. HERE is Part I of Chapter 10.

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Reviews & Numbers

Reviews begin to come in. Nothing tickles us more pinker than a review or comment.

"Totally brilliant! This way I get to feed my mind while on rowing machine at gym. Cant wait for next cast. Many thanx!"

"What a great voice for Lady Chatterly's Lover, and a really wonderful way to discover this work."

"I just heard the first chapter of Lady Chatterly's Lover and I loved it. I tried to read the book once and thought it was boring, so this surprised me. Thank you!" - Fedde Spoel, Rotterdam, Netherlands

"My wife Alcia and I listened to your beautiful and expressive rendering of this classic tonight as part of a delightful Saturday evening meal.

We had just had a very special day (we are moving to a lovely new home) and I wanted to put on something appropriate (i.e., also special).

I had just found this site in the last day or two and had been meaning to spend some time listening and wondered how Alicia and I might find time to listen together.

A quiet dinner, listening to your wonderful voice, was just the perfect cap for the day. Like our own personal dinner theatre, with you, Jan. Thanks so much."

You may add a review HERE. We'd be tickled fuchsia if you did.

While at it, couldn't help but take note of our Feedburner ranking: we're No. 101 of thousands of podcasts.


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Chapter 1 - Lady Chatterley's Lover

An esteemed subscriber left a comment saying that Chapter 1 wasn't accessible. Oh dear.

After a bit of research it seems our listings at Podcast Alley, Podnova and Podcast Pickle don't include it.

Kindly excuse the repost, but it seems important for folks to be able to get all the chapters from whatever source they wish to use to listen to this fine book.

A neighbor is making repairs to his house today so I shan't be able to record Chapter 10 until tomorrow.

In further news, you'll note that UAA Audio Books has choosen to support the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive to which we plan to donate a license to this work when it is complete.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Librivox - OpenSource / Collaborative Audio Books

Hugh calls his LibriVox project, "Public Domain for your ears," and so it is.

Furthermore, he gives this humble podcast a fine compliment (UAA as "inspiration"), so what can I do but join the literary fray?

I'll be reading a chapter from Joseph Conrad's "Secret Agent" for Librivox any day now.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lady Chatterley's Lover - Chapter 9

D.H. Lawrence
Mrs. Bolton's gossip causes Clifford to get his pecker up and return to the pits. D.H. Lawrence reflects on "the novel, properly handled."

Click HERE to listen to Chapter 9 of D. H. Lawrence's "Lady Chatterley's Lover".

It's wonderful to be back in front of the microphone after what feels like a long hiatus. There's a remarkable soliloquy on gossip from Mrs. Bolton in this chapter that I trust you will enjoy; such fun to read aloud! Furthermore, one of my favorite lines thus far is in this chapter. See if you can figure out what it is.